Break Da Bank

break-da-bank-mobileWhat can you say about the excitement you get when you play a online flash casino game? One of the earliest examples of classic microgaming is the slot game Break Da Bank, which is simple but still challenging to many players even today.

This is the first slot game of the very successful Break Da Bank series which continues to expand into other designs available through many popular casino sites.

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Break Da Bank already sets a tone in this game. It’s the allure of doing just that! The slot machine setup here is very simple with:

  • 3-reels
  • 5-payline
  • 5-coin slots

Each payline ranges from the minimum of 1,000 up to 2,400. Aside from this the slot game isn’t bogged down with unnecessary graphics yet it’s still a very intriguing slot game as it’s the original spin off to most of the slot games of today.

The Simplicity

As mentioned earlier with the theme, there isn’t much of one other than the theme of money and winnings. The graphics look like a moving lottery card so it’s straight to the point. But the graphics have also been adjusted for today’s standards while kept at the minimum.

The sound design is also very straight forward. It’s essentially the trainer slot machine to keep you sharp, which makes sense because winning is guaranteed if you even out the bets.

Cross-Platform Use

With so many different operating systems out there, this slot game is compatible across all platforms. This was once not the case but with the popularity of the game and the effort to keep it fresh, the game is available to download onto a desktop, play online or download onto a mobile device as an app.

Online casinos that feature this game also have client software that includes the game along with others.

Popular And Secure

Along with the cross-platform accessibility, this game also have the support of many online casino sites. All regulated and authorized services stand behind this original microgame which provides the security new players need to feel they’re getting the most out of their gaming experience. Since this includes very real winnings, it’s important to make sure everything is secure.

Support Provided

Only the best authorized and legitimate sites have support for all players. All participating casino services should provide round the clock support in case there are any problems with learning the game or deposits and withdraws. This means there is a live technician on the other end that can be reached directly over the phone and/or through a chat service provided by the supporting site. As the game is also available individually the support options are provided with the download.

Earn Real Money

All slot games can be played for fun for as long as the player wants but the chances of getting real money are also available with Break Da Bank, in all forms on-line, download or on a mobile device. Winning money has never been easier. Don’t hesitate, start playing today!

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