microgaming-mobile-slot-isisIsis is one of the oldest goddesses from ancient Egypt but no one knows for sure where she originated. She was thought to have originated in Sinai but some believe that she was first a fetish to worship in Delta, which is a part of Lower Egypt near Busiris. This is where her husband Osiris had a cult center; Isis was not only worshiped there but also in other temples across the land. Nectanebo II built the first shrine to Isis during the Dynasty Thirty.

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The Egyptian goddess Isis was one of the most popular goddesses in Egypt and other places because she had such great attributes that were given to her. Her Greek name was Isis but most ancient Egyptians called her Aset, Uset, Iset, or Ast, all of these translate to female of the throne or queen of the throne. Isis’s headdress was an empty throne, which was a very important symbol to the Egyptians because the throne symbolizes the power the Pharaoh has over his or her people.

There has been a dispute over what her name means, so say that it is knowledge or female of flesh, which ultimately means that she was mortal. Even though she was known as the queen of the gods, at one point she must have been mortal. This would make the mythology behind her and her husband Osiris true because it is said that they ruled Egypt before there were pharaohs there.

The most sacred book to the ancient Egyptians was the Book of the Dead and in this book it described Isis that she gave birth to heaven and earth, knows orphans and widows, and helps the poor and gives shelter to the weak, which is why she was thought to be mortal. Isis was part of the Helioploitan Ennead and her father Geb was the God of Earth and her mother Nut was the God of the Sky. Osiris was not only her husband but he was also her brother and she also has three siblings, Horus the Elder, Set, and Nephthys. Since she was associated with the throne, she was sometimes the wife of Horus the Elder, who was the sponsor of the living Pharaoh.

Although Isis was mostly depicted with a throne headdress, she was also seen in hieroglyphics wearing a headdress with a vulture and serpents on the brow of it. She can also be seen in the hieroglyphics as holding lotus buds or glyph from a sycamore tree. Isis can also been known and the winged goddess and her wings were said to spread the scent of heaven and took fresh air to the underworld. One of the weirdest depictions of here was that she was a cow or had a woman’s body with a cow’s head. The Tjet amulet represented the magical powers and since Isis was a great magician it has been known as blood of Isis, knot of Isis, and buckle of Isis. And the Tjet was used in funerals to represent resurrection and rebirth as the Egyptians believed very much.

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