Lucky Nugget Casino

lucky-nuggetOne thing that online casino players are certain they want along with a good game experience is to make sure there are no hiccups in the system. Lucky Nugget Casino is about as streamline and fast as they come.

This online casino has been around since the earliest days of the internet circa 1998. Not only does it offer visitors a chance to win but it also makes it easier to play by downloading free software!

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Attractive Design

Even before playing any of the games featured, the front main page is very attractive. The colors are vibrant and each graphic that represents either features or games practically jumps off the screen!

The background banner is also animated but not to where it has heavy graphics. It’s certainly very engaging.

Detailed And Informative

Rather than get lost in a knowledge base of information, the front page gives the visitor everything they need to know about the site. All of the basics to get started are there, which includes important information such as:

  1. Promotions
  2. Listed Benefits
  3. Certification and Regulatory Information

This helps the first time visitor get everything they need to make sure the site is safe and easy to use.

Offline & Online Features

As mentioned before, Lucky Nugget Casino offers free software to download as an option. Some game players that use online casinos have the chance to log in and play directly off the site. However, rather than just rely on the on-line game experience, the player can download a client that runs independently from the site that provides a fast experience.

Try For Free

Even first time non-members can experience the service with a free demo that gives them enough of an experience with the site’s games to understand how it works. Right on the front page the visitor can download a smaller and safe program to run on their computer!

Wide Game Selection

Lucky Nugget Casino has something for everyone. There are online roulette and poker tables as well as video poker. There are also virtual slot games that are traditional or based off of a hit film like the Dark Knight or Tomb Raider, with various themes and graphics.

The site is divided for two types of bonuses and each one with access to more than 200 flash games! The player will always find something they can enjoy.

Guaranteed Wins

From 100% to even 150% bonus wins are guaranteed! From the get go, the player will have an active account that they can apply to even greater winning opportunities that improve with even more game play.

New Promotions

Lucky Nugget Casino has new yet limited promotions that even members don’t have the benefit of using. They don’t happen all the time so that the new player can increase their wins and game experience

Customer Support

In case there are any problems with the software or the site, or if the new player needs help with the features, live help is provided from the site using a speedy chat service with a live technician on the other end!

Lucky Nugget Casino has everything an avid game player needs right at their fingertips. Get to the casino now and win today!

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