major-millions-logoAre you an avid game lover of preferably poker games? Do you love the sound of the ringing bells when you hit the jackpot and the dollars keep rolling in non-stop? Then you are certainly missing out if you aren’t locked in on Major Millions.

Major Millions is a 15 line poker game that allows a user to boost and hit a jackpot of up to $250,000.00 if they match all five major millions symbol on the 15th line with a maximum bet amount. It is quite an addicting game which provides a user with a sense of relaxation and comfort in knowing that you are free to select or bet on your preferred amount to determine your own benefit.

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Even though it has no other features but the featured jackpot with a maximum $3 bet, there is the ultimate chance for a user to become an instant millionaire just out of luck and yeah…not so much big cash spending.

The boom in the technology world now allows for users to access majority of online activities via mobile-friendly versions and this is no exception for the Major Millions hit which allows its users the full opportunity to become an instant millionaire anywhere, anytime and to some limit, under any circumstance. If you simply want to test your chance at how well or possibly how long you would take to hit the mega millions, you are free to play in the “free mode” with bonus/free cash they offer in the account. You may test the waters if you too wish to see how deep or shallow it is and how best you can swim by hopping over to the “real play mode”.

Pros and Cons of Major Millions

A few downsides to this fascinating game though are:

  • The fact that your winnings of the jackpot can only come if you play at a maximum bet of $3 and hit up to the 15th line with five major millions logo.
  • Another low factor is that other matching symbols aren’t really a big hit as they don’t really let off the dollars but still…a million dollars is dangling before you, why not grab at it. (But as much as this is a low catch, it would be a sensational feel if you hit a million with mere $3…what a huge difference in between that is.)

A few positive sides to this fascinating game though are:

  • Though it is quite an addicting game (in a good way) it leaves its users in a state of wanting to go further or deeper because the suspense of whether the big hit is coming next is always fancied. It is as though the next spin will always be the *ringa*ding*ding and that is the part no sensible person would want to miss out on.

There are majorities of online sourced casinos that users can get to play this amazing pokie game whether in free mode or real paid mode such as

And no matter what option you take, there will always be money to play the sample hit at jackpot or your firm takes on winning the real deal.

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